IMAGINE is the institutional digital repository of the Institute of molecular genetics and genetic engineering. It provides open access to publications and other research outputs resulting from the projects implemented by this institution.

The software platform of the repository is adapted to the modern standards applied in the dissemination of scientific publications and is compatible with international infrastructure in this field.

You may use the external application Authors, Projects, Publications (APP) to browse and search authors and funding information. APP also enables metadata export and displays Altmetric scores and Dimensions, Scopus and Web of Science citation counts.

IMGGE is strategically oriented towards basic research in the fields of molecular biology, molecular genetics and genomics. The institute follows modern trends in science, improving scientific research and increasing the quality of results by advancing expertise related to molecular mechanisms of diseases, precision medicine and green technologies. The institute adopted the concepts and practices of translational research, technology transfer, protection of intellectual property and provision of services for the private sector. In addition to scientific research work, the Institute participates in the education of students of all study levels and strives to influence society with the acquired knowledge and make it available through a variety of public engagement and education activities.

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